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Dear Friends:

In 2001, I heard about the plight of child slaves in West Africa . I was distressed by the news that children from the age of three years old are at risk of being enslaved to work on plantations, in granite mines, as prostitutes, child soldiers, or domestics. UNICEF documents more than 200,000 children enslaved around the world, it's likely there are more. As a single-parent, it disturbs me to know such evil abounds.

I prayed to God for direction in making a positive difference in the lives of those rescued from child-trafficking (slavery) or at-risk of being stolen. He led me to establish The Sanctuary of Moses. My family and I recently returned from our second trip to Benin in West Africa . During the first trip, we adopted a school of over 200 boys and girls. On the second trip, we obtained land to build a Sanctuary comprised of dorms, classrooms (primary & secondary), cafeteria, clinic, library, etc.

It costs more than one million dollars and will take time to build. But if you will help, the Sanctuary of Moses could be up and running before December 2006. When Mary McCloud Bethune built Bethune (Cookman) College, she did it with prayer, hard work and help from her community. You know the value of education for both boys and girls; it can open doors for them.

Benin is located between Togo and Nigeria ; it is a French-speaking country. The children in that region suffer the scourges of slavery. You can help give hope to many children who live desperate lives and have no hope for tomorrow . Sponsor a child or buy a brick for $10 a month to build the Sanctuary of Moses. Please make checks or money orders payable to Sanctuary of Moses Ministries for Sanctuary of Moses is a non-profit organization. God bless you!


Carmen Morris

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